Graduate Program in Chemistry
M.S. Degree Learning Goals and Assessment

The goal of the Chemistry M.S. Program is to provide students with professional knowledge and technical skills above the B.S. level which will enhance their career potential and opportunities for advancing in their field. The structure of the M.S. program is geared to suit the needs of a part-time student who is already employed in industry or education. Two tracts towards the M.S. degree are offered: (1) coursework only based M.S. degree; (2) coursework and research based M.S. degree. The first option is usually favored by the part-time and non-traditional students while the second one is more popular with the full-time students.

Learning Goal 1: Acquisition of fundamental knowledge of modern chemistry.

Learning Goal 2: Engagement in the conduct of individual research.

Learning Goal 3: Preparation for an independent research career.