Jaekle_Photo Frieder Jäkle

email: fjaekle@rutgers.edu
office: 973-353-5064

Research Interests

Research in the Jäkle group is at the interface of organometallic, polymer, and materials chemistry. Areas of current interest include:
Boron-doped Conjugated Oligomers, Polymers, and PAHs: We pursue new conjugated hybrid materials for applications in organic electronics and as luminescent sensory materials.

Stimuli-Responsive and Supramolecular Materials: We utilize new reversible Lewis acid-base interactions, hydrogen bonding, and metal ligand coordination to generate "smart" supramolecular polymers and polymer networks.

Sustainable Chemistry: We develop polymer-supported Lewis acids and "frustrated" Lewis pairs (FLPs) for catalysis applications.

Chiral Lewis Acids and Lewis Pairs: We investigate planar chiral ferrocenes that are functionalized with Lewis acid/base sites for stereoselective synthesis.

For more detail, please see the Jäkle Group Web Page