Pietrangelo_Photo Agostino Pietrangelo

email: a.pietrangelo@rutgers.edu
phone: 973-353-5520
office: 342 Olson Hall

Research Interests

The Pietrangelo research program is aimed at developing chemical technologies for the purpose of reducing an overwhelming global reliance on ubiquitous plastics and energy derived from non-renewable resources. The primary objectives of this multifaceted program are to develop:

(1) multifunctional polymers from renewable feedstocks for adhesive, metal remediation, ion conductor, membrane, and drug delivery applications,

(2) solution processable π-conjugated polymers with large absorption coefficients and broad absorption bands for solar photovoltaic applications,


(3) novel coordination complexes as catalysts for the selective degradation of lignin biomass to high-value commodity chemicals and fuels.

Researchers in the Pietrangelo group will acquire a broad skill set that will encompass the areas of advanced organic and inorganic synthesis, electrochemistry, catalysis, and molecular spectroscopy and are encouraged to foster new ideas that are tailored to satisfy their current and future interests.

For more detail, please see the Pietrangelo Group Web Page