Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

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Mass Spectrometry Laboratory and Services

The Mass Spectrometry facility in Chemistry Department at Rutgers University Newark Campus provides high end mass spectrometry services for the Rutgers University Community. We have liquid chromatography system coupled with high resolution mass spectrometer to provide separation and analysis of complex mixtures.

We are located in the Life Science Center, room 001, at 225 University Avenue, and Olson Hall, room 006, at 73 Warren Street, Newark, NJ.

The facility manager Dr. Roman Brukh is available to discuss your specific experimental needs.

Phone: 973-353-5254;     e-mail:

Our services include:

High resolution mass measurements, which can provide elemental composition for analytes.

Electrospray ionization (ESI), Atmospheric Pressure Chemical ionization (APCI), and Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization (MALDI) mass spectrometry are used for wide range of applications by research groups and students.

Fragmentation methods include in-source collision activated dissociation (IS-CAD), collision cell activated dissociation (C-CAD), sustained off-resonance irradiation collision activated dissociation (SORI-CAD), infrared multi-photon dissociation (IRMPD), and electron capture dissociation (ECD).

High Performance Liquid Chromatography is coupled with ESI or APCI sources to allow for the separation of mixtures and subsequent analysis.

Sample applications are compound elucidation, drug impurity analysis, natural product characterization, high-end proteomics studies, polymer and metabolomics research.